DHLA Review: Sun-EL ft LesEGO - Life We Live


DHLA Review: Sun-EL ft LesEGO  - Life We Live

We went crazy just the other day when this track officially became available. Now its time to dig in..

"A dose of mellowness to cruise to...

Off the Top

Dreamy synths create the foundation for this moody mid-tempo track which whispers rather than shouts.
On this Sun EL produced beat, vocalist LesEGO sings about the carefree life that he lives and has the rich voice of Nontu Xulu as a backdrop.
Sun EL has crafted a song whose sound crosses various genres such as r'n'b, house and even a sprinkling of slowed-down Kwaito, yet it retains it's own unique identity.


The subject, lyrics, vocal delivery and beat all complement each other as they all contribute to the laid-back sundowner vibe. You don't have someone wailing about their gangster credentials on a mellow r'n'b beat or other such absurdities that seem to now be commonplace on many mainstream commercial releases.
Despite being the background vocalist, Nontu's sensual vocals refuse to be restricted to the background! Her contribution definitely lifts the song a few notches higher.


LesEGO is a capable vocalist who stays on tune however with no discernable vocal highs or lows his voice somewhat becomes monotonous. He doesn't exactly have to unleash Mariah Carey type vocal gymnastics, but variations in modulation would have added much needed emotion to the track. 


Switch on your car's ignition, turn on "Life We Live" at medium volume (remember we said this track whispers and doesn't shout), step on the accelerator and watch the miles fade away. This is the kind of cruising tune you have on repeat during a long journey.

Overall I would give it a 3 out of 5".

When the trio dropped Cliche', the whole world just seemed to stop, for like 3 seconds, which seemed like 30.. 

I'm proud to say, that they are back, far from that tempo that you got exposed to. Well its not 45BPM, yet it has touches of Kwaito, a bit of EDM, some soul, what a cross over track.

 And yes I mentioned EDM, cause some of you are exposed to that fast tracked, heart stopping trance. Hell yeah, we needed that December jam. The one that the mature play, yet the not so old, eavesdrop to and just bob their head. 

I'm talking about that track you'll play before the new year count down commences, not realising that this is THE jam. We even wish we could coin them a new name for the three way deadly combination 

You've been fore-warned!

 Synergy 4/5
 Mastering 3/5
 Overall Verdict 4/5


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