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Remember Marko Radovanovic aka Marko Resilient? Check out the innerview we had with him here, if you do or you don't. Yes, he is back! Time to play catch up...

DHC: Hi Marko, been a long time Sir how have you been?

Marko: I'm very well, thank you..., feeling inspired and have just adapted to new home studio

 DHC: You just had to drop the mix before the innerview (laughs). I guess you enjoyed it that much. Take us through it

Marko:  Yesss, nowadays I'm living these meaningful lyrics and that encourages me to share this peaceful vibe. After a couple years of creativity lack on global electronic music scene, 4 tracks of 2 artists in tracklist are such a refreshment & I highly recommend their EP's. Exclusive premiere of upcoming release collab & some SUB stem experiment are also included. You can download it here:

 DHC:  It seems you have so many projects coming up. Do share with us

Marko:  Plenty of projects are just finished & packed in stem zipped folders, so labels can easily manipulate them. You can find some promo materials here

Big thanks goes to Ibiza's producer Kay Bauher for outstanding ''top gun'' synth (used in Ibiza VOX / Instrumental Version) & to my Serbian crew (Mila Mono - vocalist, Ivan Tanasijevic & Machine Elf). This is the first time that I'm remixed & Kay, Ivan & Machine did amazing wide variety job. You can find Kay's remix here:

DHC: We hear that you are looking for a new stable/label. Yet on the other hand a birdy told us that you could be joining forces with the Deep House Craft projects unit. What is the vision and expected timeline?

Marko: New labels are always welcome, also want to keep doing the stuff  with current one. Joining forces with DHC (love their visual / sound identity) is still an idea and realisation could be in 2017 spring / summer season. We want to bring together our underground subcultures to create quality deep sound scene.

DHC: Any words you would like to share to your fans

 Marko: It's all about music & in music we believe!

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  1. Hi Werner. Thank you for this. We have a wonderful and dedicated team that do this for free. Not so sure about the paypal part of your comment, lol
    if its out details you want, there is an icon on our contact us page


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