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We got wind of a track that’s doing serious damage in the local dub tech scene. Join us as we uncover this fresh precious gem, DHLA style. 

DHLA: How did you come up with that stage name 

Johnny:  Well, like most people would agree, some of these nicknames we don't necessarily create them ourselves. I got my stage name from friends that would call me Johnny Greg since my early Childhood. I have used at least 3 different Aliases and all of them nicknames given either at school, friends and family and the likes. 
Johnny Greg sounded more nicer and easier to pronounce as well.

 DHLA: Tell us about your journey in music 

Johnny:  My musical journey. I don't usually refer to it as just a journey but a series of experiences too. A journey can be broken down to 2 things, Start and End, to me, it’s the experience in between that means a lot. With that being said, i have enjoyed the journey so far and i still am very keen to experience more to come.
Since my childhood ,i have been involved in a lot of musical activities from School marimba bands, Singing at church choirs and playing keyboard at my congregation but at the time, I never really looked at it as my calling but just a form of entertaining myself and those that are around me at the time.

My father was a teacher, he would teach Music at his spare time and by this, he was considered one of the best role models in the community and that's a legacy i wish to take with, cultivate and make bigger. Apparently, not only did i inherit my father’s looks but his musical taste and passion as well as his determination to making a change through Arts.

DHLA: How did the track come about

 Johnny:  Antique (dubtech),my collabo with OMEN was and still is potentially the best team work i have done so far. 
I was browsing through tweets and i saw one of Omen's tweets about his other Song, clicked on the link and listened and i must say, i was swept by the melodies and the synths he uses in his songs. I do listen to Dubtech but i had never done anything in those lines before and i just had an idea to maybe consider fusing my style (Afro/Tribal) with Tech music which is something we don't hear every day. When you are an artist, you create, i then got in contact with Omen and surprisingly, he was very open to the idea. 

DHLA: Tell us more about how it's like, working with a Guru

Johnny:  Well, working with Omen was an awesome experience from the time we first got in contact. The one thing that i really admired was the humility and compassion he showed to my proposal. A lot of people or established artists tend to feel bigger than others therefore don't even consider working with anyone of a lower standard to theirs as far as their publicity and fan base is concerned. Omen looked past all that and saw the potential i have and the craft we could create together.

I am sure that we will be working together again soon enough.

DHLA: Do you also Dj

Johnny:  Yes l Dj. Although, I had decided that I invest most of my time on music production then at a later stage. I have a lot of friends that play at clubs around so each time we hanged out, they would take me through hints and tricks that makes a good Dj.
I have been offered a few Residencies at some clubs but I enjoy more when I play my music to different crowds each time, it always feels like a new experience and it’s awesome.

DHLA: Your dream collabo?

Johnny:  My dream collabo is with Salif keita.

Other producers , Black coffee, Black motion

DHLA: Any 5 track on your playlist  :

Johnny:  My top 5 track list :

Black coffee's "Buya"
Salif keita's "Africa"
Traveller by Black coffee x Black Motion and Nomsa Mazwai)
Osunlade - Cantos a Ochun et Oya
All Blue - Prisoner (Masters at work Remix)

DHLA:  Message to your fans?

Johnny:  Anyone who appreciates and supports my craft is family to me. I have a lot to tell the world but only through my music can i actually explain it best. Sometimes words are never enough.

Please Support me in this journey and I will continue to share with you my amazing experiences through my craft.

DHLA:  Message to upcoming Producers?

Johnny:  I am never going to give up on my dream although sometimes i do feel like it, neither should you. I live on optimism, passion, and humility.
If you an upcoming producer like me and you feel we could join forces, feel free to Hit me up. :)

DHLA:  What are your social media handles?

Johnny:  @johnnygreg_sa on all my handles (Insta, Facebook, Twitter)


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