5 minutes with Matimba Mabasa aka Timza The Dj​ presented by Thato LePhoto​


DHLA:  First of all thanks for taking this time to talk to us, do you mind   telling our readers who Timza is and where is he from?

TimzaTheDj: Timza is Matimba Mabasa born in Bara(hospital) and grown up at Njhakanjhaka village and currently staying  at Joburg.

DHLA: How did you get that name?

Timza: I was given this name (timza)by a friend as my real name is Matimba and everyone started to call me with it.

DHLA: After you started Djing, how long did it take you to decide that you wanna do this full time?

Timza:   it never took me time to decide that I want to do this full time as I enjoyed every moment of it and the one that have motivates me to love music is because I was born in a family of music. My father use to buy records of old school music, such as jazz and r&b but as I grew up, I choose house music.

DHLA: How do you describe your mixing style?

Timza: Whenever I’m mixing I put all my effort and focus on it as I choose what people want to listen at that time and make it a point that I freestyle on my mixing.

DHLA: Which new Djs or producers have caught your attention so far in 2017?

Timza: Madjozi, Mafaster and Thuli p(dj) those are the dj/producers that have cought my attention so far.

DHLA: Do you have any songs you feel you can't go a day without listening to?

Timza: I can't go a day without listening to is Bongeziwe Mabandla & Dj Fortee - Iszathu

DHLA: What are your views on Piracy and file sharing of copyrighted material?

Timza: I don't think it's a good thing, because us producers we working hard to bring good music to people`s ears and we expect something on the table in order to market ourselves and create more good music. So I find it as a bad thing which is a crime to those who are doing it.

DHLA: Name one mistake you always pick up when listening to other dj's mix?

Timza: The most common mistakes I always come across when listening to other DJ's mix is poor timing, sloppy beat matching and trying to copy other dj`s.

DHLA: Speaking of copying others, how important is it to stay original?

Timza: Very important. I stay original and true to the sound that I want people to know and differentiate me from others, which makes me unique.

DHLA: What would you say is the definition of a Good Dj?

Timza: I can say being a good dj is how you select your songs, timing and beat matching, they all have to be on point.

DHLA: Where do you see yourself In the next 5 years?

Timza: I see myself being one of the best successful DJ's in South Africa and internationally.

DHLA: Which artists/producers would you like to work with going forward?

Timza: I would like to work with Black Coffe,Prince Kaybee,Thakzin,Mobi Dixon

DHLA: What advice would you give the up and coming Dj's/ Producer?

Timza: First they must in trust their work and then never give up. It is not easy to make it in the industry of music, especially here in mzansi.

DHLA: What unique feature differentiates your mixing style from everybody else?

Timza: The unique feature in my mixing style is that I give people a taste of a song, get them wanting to hear more. And I play what's expected by the people.

DHLA: What has been your most memorable event to either attend or perform at?

Timza: The most memorable event I have been to was at Beatzone around Petoria, which was my first time playing in a big crowd like that and I made them move like nobody's business. However I’m currently pushing my single track tittled  "Skyfall"  featuring DJCLICK – available at YouTube and GooglePlay search SKY FALL

DHLA: Where can people get hold of you?

Timza: People can get hold of me via email: timzathedj@gmail.com_
Facebook page Timza The DJ,
Cellphone +2782 5954366

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