Thandanani Karabo Mchunu aka Kzee Mchunu DHLA Innerview


Definitely one to watch, Kzee Mchunu is a promising young Producer and Dj. Introducing Thandanani Karabo Mchunu aka Kzee Mchunu
DHLA: Who is Kzee Mchunu?

Kzee: Thandanani Mchunu a 24 Years old versatile music composer/DJ, NARmusiQ co-founder, from a small place called Lime hill, situated in Emnambithi KZN.   

DHLA: How did your nickname come about?

Kzee: Mchunu is my surname and kzee came up when I was thinking of a stage name for myself, plus my friends always call me Mchunu so Kzee Mchunu Just felt right.  
DHLA: Almost every upcoming Dj/Producer just has to mention their ability to play vynal. How significance is vynal to you?
Kzee: Vynals are one of the things I started playing with. I can play vynal properly but at this point for me it is significant for sampling music only because now we’ve got so many portable and easy to use DJ gear.  

DHLA: You are originally from KZN. Tell us about your transition to Diepsloot

Kzee: I moved from KZN to Diepsloot (joburg North) in 2005, started high school in Blue Hills college, didn’t know anything about Djing or music composing but I knew I had to do it somehow, met siya Phiri and we started making music.

DHLA: Tell us about NARmusiQ

Kzee: It’s a productions company owned by myself and Thabang Matela, established in 2015. 
We produce, license and publish music, we have produced music for various artists and establishments. NARmusiQ has available music released on major music digital platforms and we currently looking for more talented artists to work with. 
We also do mineral water Branding and packaging.

DHLA: You have worked with Kethatha on two tracks, how did that come about?

Kzee: Kethata Is My Business Partner “Thabang Matela” and the songs happened when I sent him a Hip Hop Beat and he loved it, we recorded and we were happy with the final product, he then requested another beat to work on and I delivered as usual.   

DHLA: So many record shops are closing, yet superstars like Tokzen Mmthi​ are opening shop. Whats your take?

Kzee: I think it’s a good Idea that he opened a shop like that even though a lot of people don’t by CD’s anymore; there are still some people who don’t have access to the net, and getting hard copies would be convenient for some.

DHLA: How do you intend to be in the game in the long run?

Kzee: Keep pushing my craft, working with relevant people to stay relevant and always doing what do best.

DHLA: What goes into a Karabo Kzee Mchunu set?

Kzee: My sets are always different depending on the time and the crowd, but it’s always Deep Afro and Dance

DHLA: Your dream collaboration?

Kzee: Would like to work with Monique Bingham​, she’s the best House vocalist on Earth.

DHLA: If you weren’t doing what you do, where would you be?

Kzee: Nothing, nothing feels right except music.

DHLA: Consumers of house music feel the need for their producers to stay real and produce for their genre, only. You seem to be dabbing with other genres. Take us through that.

Kzee: I love good music, it doesn’t matter the genre. I just can’t help myself but to explore other genres, I love the fact that music doesn’t limit me to one thing, I believe I can do it how I feel, it all begins with the feeling.

DHLA: What could be done so that music from SA/Africa can compete with the rest of the world?

Kzee: SA/African artists make beautiful music; we just need financial help to promote our music properly so we can compete with the rest of the world.

DHLA: Who are we sleeping on? Who are the most underrated DJs/Producers that you recommend?


DHLA: Your message to your fans?

Kzee: Thank you for the love and support you’ve been giving, you guy are my inspiration to keep pushing.

DHLA: 5 current tracks that you love?

Silent Assassin - A Flight To New York
Kzee Mchunu & Dinga – Lavida Loca
M.K Clive, Blue – Desire( M.K’s Profound Mix)
 XtetiQsoul​ -Anointed
Soul Caz & Karabo Kzee Mchunu – Inorra

DHLA: How are you using the internet to enhance your mileage

Kzee: I release my music on relevant platforms and promote globally

DHLA: For someone that hasn’t listened to your tracks, how would you describe your style

Kzee: Deep elements with a mixture of afro and tech sounds


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