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It is without a doubt that Mzansi has talent. One has to dig deeper though as to why a certain song is trending. Is it the baseline, the songwriting, the timing or a case of all elements combined?  Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Sió Roi King​ aka Sió​
DHLA: Please tell us about your upbringing

Sió:  I grew up in Ennerdale where I still reside, raised by my Mother, with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles in-between.

DHLA: At what point did you realise that you can make a career out of  music

Sió:  I don’t think I ever officially did. I still think I have a long way to go before I can say I’ve made a career out of music. I started taking music seriously when a producer I have always admired asked me to work on a song for him. I still pinch myself when I send any producer work and they say they like it.

DHLA: your fondest moment or words that were said to you that kept you going, back then?

Sió:  I don’t really know. My Songs always need to say something, have a valid story, so I think it will be the a writing class where one of my classmates told me she loved how I wrote, because I write in pictures. So I hold onto that.

DHLA: Who gave you your 1st break 

Sió:  My Grade 3 teacher Mrs Penny. She was the first person who told me I can sing.

DHLA: You are also a model. How do you juggle the two

Sió:  I don’t call myself a Model. Modeling is one of the jobs I do. I also have a full time job from 8-4 every day of the week. I take the time I need to do what I have to, to do what I like and most of all to do what I love.  I don’t always get it right, and there is no balance to juggling them all, I drop balls all the time in some areas, but it put my head down and do my best.

DHLA: Lets put you on the spot a bit. You featured on Luka’s stained glass, would you say this was your biggest break so far? Would it come second to 1 000 memories with Jullian Gomes or vice versa?

Sió:  1000 Memories has gotten me the greatest audience! But Luka got me to the people who made Jullian take notice of me, so I think they are all connected and all leading me to greater places.

DHLA: You changed your name from Sió Black Widow to just Sió. Why?

 Sió: Too much to explain really. My Real name is a tongue twister. Sió are the first 3 letters of Sióbhan which 99% of those who read it pronounce wrong. So Imagine having to explain that and that I like spiders and I’m not a man-eater??? I decided I don’t need the Blackwidow.

DHLA: Which musicians do you look up to? Why?

Sió:  I look up those who are brave enough to do music because they love it, those who are brave enough to do their kind of music, what they love regardless of whether it’s a hit or not, who are 100% authentically themselves without trying to be another copy of a mega superstar. I admire those who just are.

DHLA: What would you say is the status of house music right now?

Sió:  I think there are pioneers in the house world in South Africa that South Africans and the world are missing out on because of their romance with the popular face of house music and just music in genereal. I think they should break up with their comfortable musical relationships and listen. There are sooooooo many amazing producers who are breathing fresh air into house, that people should listen to, otherwise it’s going to get stuck get boring.

DHLA: Your top 5 tracks

Sió:  1000 Memories, Next to you, Yum Yum, This Love, Hours go by.

DHLA: 4 producers and 3 Djs that you recommend?

Sió:  Producers: Daev Martian, Sean Munnik, Dawson, FKA Mash, Jazzuelle, JM, Jullian Gomes, Luka, Bruce Loko, Ta Ice, Cuebur, Card On spokes, and all of them are South African. Djs: KID FONQUE, Jullian Gomes.

DHLA: Who are we sleeping on?

All the producers I mentioned above

DHLA: For someone that has never heard you sing, how would you describe your vocal gymnastics

Sió:  I don’t and can’t do vocal gymnastics, I suck at runs. I don’t know why, but I think I sing like someone who did jazz back in 1950 something.

DHLA: You received so much praise from Jackie Queens. Is there unity amongst female vocalists or is it just for show

Sió:  There definitely is unity amongst those I know and have spoken to personally. Jackie is certainly a QUEEN!!! But I don’t know everyone and have not met everyone personally, and I’m such a hermit, so I can’t say.

DHLA: How has the reception been now that you have blown up?

Sió:  I don’t think I have blown up. Like I said earlier, I Have a LONG way to go before I can say I have blown up. As long as I have to work everyday to make a living, I have loads more music to make. People love my music, for which I am ever grateful, and I appreciate all those who ask me for the lyrics to my songs, coz I was told people don’t listen to the lyrics. I’m so blessed to have people confirm that “I am a storyteller, my songs say so…”

DHLA: Is there previous work that you wish could be re-released or marketed

Sió:  No. All the work I have shared so far is leading to the place I want to go. They are parts of the greater picture for me and all of them are in the right place, released at the right time.

DHLA: Inform us on the tracks you’ve worked on and your personal favourite

Sió:  Shoo, there are soo many and all of them have great stories. I can’t choose.

DHLA: Are you signed under any record label

Sió:  No.

DHLA: Whats your prediction for the genre

Sió:  It needs to become more open minded in order to grow. It’s the one place where people can really play and experiment, and I think they should.

DHLA: You’ve been part of a number of tracks with Luke. How did the collabo come about

Sió:  In 2013 Luka worked on a remix for a song I did with Marubini Musiq and he liked how I wrote and he asked me to work on music with him. It’s been such a great journey!

DHLA: Whats your message on the ongoing abuse against women

Sió:  Ladies, Please stop valuing your appearance more than life!!! Stop listening to what people tell you to be, stop listening to the voice that tells you to forgive him, because he promised never to do it again.
Listen the voice that says LEAVE!!!!
And please go, no relationship can justify abuse, and no-one has the right to abuse you. You have the power and the right to leave. Your life is more valuable than people’s opinion of you. If he does it once, he’s going to do it again, and if he does, you have given him the power to dehumanize you. Please take your power back and LEAVE!!!

DHLA: Is it a bit harder in the industry, for female vocalists especially in the house music genre

Sió:  Making it in music industry standard is difficult! Being a female in the world and trying to be seen as just another candidate for the same space as anyone else is difficult.

DHLA: There are a lot of rumours about record labels buying awards. Whats your take?

Sió:  I think that is sad, and it makes it a lot harder for honest, up and coming musician/artists/composer/ writers/ poets to be heard. The playing field is not fair, but I trust that good music will always prevail. I read a quote that said  “when I’m happy I hear to the music, when I’m sad, I listen!” there’s those few that look for the art in the music and will find it and we will continue to make music for them.

DHLA: Of the 1 000 memories remixes, which one do you love most

Sió:  I don’t know, honestly, how do you choose between Osunlade, Atjazz, Karizma and Fred Everything? Please let me know how you do such a thing? They all cover their specific sub genre so well that I can’t say.

DHLA: Your song writing is world class. What’s your secret?

Sió:  Thank you for thinking it is  :). I read, and always look for new words and ways to speak and paint the pictures in the songs. And sometimes I get it right.

DHLA: Did you study music?

Sió:  No. I didn’t.

DHLA: Whats the plan, do you intend on producing or Djying?

Sió:  I’d Like to learn how to Dj sometime in the future, it would be nice to share the kind of music I love with people.

DHLA: Message to your fans?

Sió:  Find out what you’re here on earth to do. It will ground you. Listen to your inner voice. Half of the answers you seek are there. Do things that make you uncomfortable, that way you will master fear and it will not master you, then you can do anything and be exactly who are.

DHLA: Any fans that have pulled stunts on your performances or DMs

Sió:  Nothing crazier than shouting “I love you Sio.”

DHLA: Projects that you are working on?

 Sió:  I’m working on my ep and a few cool projects with amazing people. One of them is “rkls,”who have an album coming out in June 2017 and Luka just Release “Closer,” which is doing well. Look out for those  the rkls album is awesome!

DHLA: Your social media contacts

Sió:  Facebook – Sió
Instagram  - @iam_sio
Twitter - @iam_sio

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