5 mins with DHLA presenter Keneiloe Serongoane aka Kene Serong


DHLA:  Who is Kene Serong? 

Kene Serong: Kene Serong is a black woman with vision, who is living her truth everyday because she knows that investing in the journey to finding your authentic self is an investment in time and energy that’s well worth making.

Born and raised in Ekurhuleni in a township called Thokoza one could only imagine becoming nothing more than what is deemed as success in the hood and I learnt my greatest lessons that gave birth to a hope for a better future when I realised that there is a lot more that I could aspire to become and achieve by expanding my horizon.

My name is Keneiloe Serongoane and I believe that I am well on my way of fully giving shape to the truth that is in me. I am the last born to my parents and have 3 siblings.

As much as I grew up in the hood I can say that I was privileged to be given an opportunity to learn more about the world as I was exposed to 2 different environments during my primary years; attending a multi-racial school in the suburbs and then coming home to dusty streets tsa kasi.

I am a qualified Public Relations Professional and believe I am a gifted human being who has fallen in love with the art of communication. 
From the age of 6 I became fascinated by people who genuinely inspired others by simply being themselves such as the Felicia Mabuza’s of this world, Lebo Mathosa, Thandiswa Mazwai,
 Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce and my list goes on.
 I am drawn to people who have the ability to put into words the stuff all of us know to be true and at the same time spark magic in the hearts of the hopeless.

DHLA:  What did you want to become when you were growing up?

Kene Serong:‘I believe I am still growing.’ [Laughs.] 

I wanted to become so many things because I knew I had many talents that would make my pursuit to becoming a designer, writer, public speaker, singer, news reader and presenter a reality.

Unfortunately, my reality back then was that my parents believed in having a white-collar job and when I told them I wanted to be a public figure and study journalism, they disapproved – and I didn’t want to disappoint them by choosing my own way.

I had to make a mind-shift and let go of that dream because my parents worked hard to try and help me become something they thought would break the chain of instability, 
but while I was going through a career book I came across 

Public Relations which would give me my journalism dream (at least that is what I thought at the time) as well as fulfill my parents desire of me getting an office job, so I went for it – studied it, loved it and graduated cum laude.

DHLA:   What advice would you give to a 6-year-old Keneiloe or a 13-year-old Keneiloe about conformity?

Kene Serong: Oh honey,
 not everyone will understand what comes straight from your soul so never give up or wear a mask or conform for anything or anyone because soon your personality will align with what your soul came here on earth to do and if you are prepared then all your desires will fall into place.

 I would have to say that committing to a positive view on life no matter how difficult it may be at times is bringing me closer to a full circle of fulfillment, happiness and contentment. 

The lessons I have learnt in the couple of years that I have been on this planet is to appreciate all experiences, work on becoming strong from the inside- out, carefully think, plan and execute; and always share my sunshine.

Check out her amazing voice here , read some more here  and book her by mailing keneserong@deephouseloveaffair.com


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