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Straight from Esikhawini a township located in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal (South Africa) we find a rising star DJ/Producer Mbheki Ndlovu aka MR JOE In 2011 he started releasing songs with local South African labels and got his first international break the same year with releases on New York Label, Afro Rebel Music, with songs like ‘Natives In You’ and ‘Masses Illusion’.In the same year he went on to do a Remix for Oscar P and legendary French dj/producer Rocco. The song, ‘The Energy’, featured Mj White and Mr Joe’s remix was released on Open Bar Music
 “Music has always been around me ever since my childhood days and since then it remains a big part of my life”

DHLA: Production or DJ so what is your first choice and why?

MrJoe:My 1st choice would be production, simply because it gives you deeper understanding of the song which can also help with the deejaying depending on how you view it though lol.

DHLA: In terms of production is there some source of inspiration you draw up through something for you to start working on a track?

MrJoe: Yes, I can play old school music that I enjoyed as a kid, I can go for a walk, or I can even dance just to get in the mood or watch inspirational documentaries of musicians that inspire me. Then I work sometimes I can just produce from the top it all depends on the energy am on at that time.

DHLA: Any particular equipment you use in production?

 MrJoe: Yeah sure I use my M Audio Keyboard, IMac, and Studio Headphones then we good to go

DHLA: Elaborate on the choice of the genre you produce

MrJoe: My sound is a more Afro and electronic at the same time so I call it afro electric, African Drums or Clavs fused with electronic synthesizes. My aim is sounds of the future infused with classic house music

DHLA: What has been the biggest challenge within the industry?

MrJoe: My biggest challenge is me asking myself if it is really possible that I can also do great things in the industry, simply because it really takes a lot to be great in this field and that can impact your results…………….Depending on your mind-set too.

DHLA: Have you overcome those challenges fully?

MrJoe: Oh yes definitely, I am always grateful of the good I’ve received in this journey which always makes me appreciate the journey and pushes me to work harder in times of adversity.

DHLA: Let's talk about your current EP?

MrJoe: Yes Yes Yes the EP has and will always have a special place in my heart it is truly one of the reasons why I believe in God because of how it all came together. I produced Lost in My Dub after watching “Real Scenes Berlin” documentary I was inspired by how the music is taken seriously in Berlin that really made me excited to a point that I had a mind shift and I transcended to a new energy of music.

DHLA: One of the tracks on your EP has seen a huge response within the industry globally (“Lost In My Dub” for those who are wondering), It has a Culoe De Song touch or feel must l say ...... how has Mr Giant Leap influenced your career path.

MrJoe: Funny “Webaba” by Culoe De Song is the song that changed my life forever and touched so many people in the world because of its positive impact. That very same impact influenced me to strive and do work of art that actually touches lives of the present people and people to come. I got so inspired by Culoe that when l eventually met him it was a dream come true round about 2012 when l moved to Johannesburg. I stayed in touch with him, kept sending him tracks I had been working on and his response was amazing telling what I could do better on the tracks hence that helped me understand a notch higher.  

DHLA: From the producer you were back when you started until now, what has changed?

MrJoe: Nothing has changed as I still love music the same way and still learning more so as l understand to make music better than before with a clearer vision. I also DJ which is a bit tricky to balance from time to time with being a Producer as both need their A Game.

DHLA: If you were to collaborate on track, who would you work with?

MrJoe: Production , it would be Pharrell William , Kanye West , Culoe De Song , Manoo , &Me , Skrillex ,
Vocals, it would be Shekinah, Thabisee, Fergie, Sade, Zonke

DHLA: Your EP is doing very well, what's in the pipeline anything you working on.

MrJoe: Yes am working on my new single with Jackie Queens and my EP with offering Recordings coming soon and more music on the pipeline.

DHLA: Would you say the digital world is more fruitful for artist at this point in time?

MrJoe: Yes the digital world is fruitful to artist if the artist uses it for the right reasons.

DHLA: What would you like to say to upcoming producers who look up your work?

MrJoe: Never stop believing and trust the process and believe in your intuition more than the noise.

DHLA: Talk to us about your record label and how it came about?

MrJoe: Mr Joe Records is my label that I envisioned myself running in the future. It’s still in its toddler stages, my aim is to help future talent, to contribute positively in their careers for a better music industry. Times of music business has changed we have to take charge.

DHLA: To date what would you say has been a mark you achieved that you were wowed by

MrJoe: The Release of Lost EP had me Wowed.

DHLA: What does Mr Joe get up to apart from music?

MrJoe: Besides Music I read, I Gym, I study more things about myself and entrepreneurship. I just become open to positive

DHLA: Apart from house music anything else you listen to

MrJoe: Yeah, I listen to Hip Hop, Jazz, Broken Beats, RnB, Techno, Reggae and more I love a lot different styles of music / Music as a whole.
“Things of life that can add positive things in my life am always trying to learn something new”

Get in touch with Mr Joe on  @RealMrJoe

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