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Have you ever wanted to do an innerview so bad before the rest followed through? Well that's the case with Batuk, we've been chasing and stalking for 2 to 3 years now and its finally here!! Ladies and Gentlemen, we present BATUK!

First up;

Carla Fonseca AKA Manteiga

DHLA: Who is Carla Fonseca?

Manteiga: I am a theatre director, performance artist, actress, singer.  Daughter of a South African mother and Mozambican father.

DHLA: How would you differentiate her from  Manteiga?

Manteiga: Hahaha, She is the same person. Manteiga is not my alter-ego, I have just given myself a stage name to separate my film/theatre/gallery work from my music work. 

DHLA: You are multi-talented, tell us what you do?

Manteiga: Thank you. Apart from being a vocalist for Batuk, I am also a trained theatre maker. I have performed and directed theatre productions for over a decade. 
My love for theatre filtered into art and allowed me to explore the medium of performance art work and installation based art. 

I have worked in galleries and exhibited for nearly 8 years now. And finally I am a film fanatic, and I am drawn to create everything I admire…so I am also a filmmaker and actress for film. 

Spoek Mathambo (Nthato Mokgata) and I are premiering our first feature film towards the end of 2018. Its all very exciting and can sound a little too much to many people, but essentially its all art and self-expression. 

 DHLA: How did you start?

Manteiga: I started singing, writing, acting, directing when I was 5 years old. I would stage plays for my family to watch for many years. My parents could see the passion and assisted me every way the could. 
I completed my high school in an Art School, matriculating with art and theatre subjects. 

Then I studied at UCT and graduated in 2010. Everything else came because I worked hard to make it happen. No favors, no begging, just hard sweat and believing in my craft. 

 DHLA: How are female vocalist perceived in the house music industry and what are the challenges?

Manteiga: I dont know…how are they perceived to you? I have always admired House music vocalists. 

They are always so mysterious to me, I love that mystery. But I would love to know what you mean by this question hahaha

 DHLA: You are part of the Batuk, tell us about that outfit and how you joined.

Manteiga: Spoek Mathambo approached me after seeing one of my theatre productions. He invited me into studio and we collaborated with many people to create our debut album ‘Musica da Terra’.
 I didn't know that there was a vocalist inside of me. I love to sing and rap. The empowerment created within is massive, boundless.

DHLA: Do you also produce? Do you Dj? 

Manteiga: I dont produce. Spoek Mathambo produces all of our works. Yes, I do DJ.

DHLA: Who would you credit for where your career is right now? The year is almost through, tell us what you've gained so far and what's coming up? 

Manteiga: I give credit to myself, I wouldn't be here without me. But also I give massive credit to my parents, my siblings and Spoek Mathambo.

DHLA: Take us through your past work? 

Manteiga: Maybe if I send you my CV it would be easier haha

DHLA: What would be your dream collabo? 

Manteiga: Collaboration with Moloko, Solange, and Marina Abramovic. 

DHLA: What would you like to say to your fans?

Manteiga: I am because you are. Really, I love and appreciate all your support so so much!! It inspires me.

 DHLA: Where can we catch you, your social media links?

“BATUK MUSIC” on all platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

 DHLA: What would you say to any upcoming vocalists out there?

Manteiga: Sing your heart out darling. Break down all your fears and just sing. and of course, work your ass of!!! Work to be the BEST!!!

Nthato Mokgata AKA Spoek Mathambo

DHLA: Of all hook ups, why hook up with Aero Manyelo (and Manteiga) to form Batuk? One would expect you to collabo with artists in your “genre”

SpoekM: They are great artists, and I pride myself on surrounding myself with great artists. 

DHLA: How did that hook up come about?

SpoekM: I met Aero when I was producing the documentary Future Sound of Mzansi...Manteiga I have known for a long time.  

DHLA: You are also in charge of the A & R of the group and their individual artist side of things whilst having your own brand, how do you juggle all that?

SpoekM: I pray to God to keep inspiring us and giving us strength to push the vision further. 

DHLA: How has been, the move overseas, touring overseas?

SpoekM: I am happy that people around the world love South African music, they love Batuk, they love Gqom, they love kwaito...from China to Ethiopia, from USA to Russia, from Australia to Burkina Faso, we have been welcomed with cheers and dancing...people really have shown us a lot of love. 

DHLA: Whats your take on Mashayabhuqe’s music and this unusual electro sound that you produce

SpoekM: I  haven’t heard Mashayabhuqe’s music in a long time, but I admire that he is original. 

DHLA: Do you produce?

SpoekM: Yes, I produced all of the new Batuk album, Kasi Royalty. I produced the Fantasma album “Free Love”. I produced all three of my own solo albums. 

DHLA: Do you Dj?

SpoekM: Yes, I have been DJing for over ten years now. It’s one of the most gratifying and fun things that I do. 

DHLA: How would you describe your sound and that of the group Batuk?

SpoekM: Batuk is eclectic with many sounds, but the spirit is that to uplift people and bring positive energy...essentially to make people dance and move. To make people relieve stress. 

DHLA: Any chance of you joining the house music band wagon full time *laughs*?

SpoekM: If you google my name you will find many good articles on how I have achieved the rare ability to transcend genre. I think what I do is pretty original, and I’m blessed to have a good following that supports that. 

DHLA: Your message to your fans?

SpoekM: Thank you for your continuous inspiration and support...we have so many great projects coming out soon!
DHLA: Please provide your social media handles?



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