BATUK - Kasi Royalty DHLA album review


The music of
“Batuk - Kasi Royalty”

By Tamsyn Lyn Govan “Court Jester SA”

What a delightfully uplifting & fresh talent….

Being a big believer in and a lover of lyrics my whole life. It is always a delight to hear something that has either deep meaning, is funny or has a story to tell… To me it is the ultimate way of expression…

These midtempo tracks set an undeniable mood… The fresh wateriness flowing through all of these with an undeniable instrumental foundation from the simplistic sounds of the flute and tambourine through to the sexy tinkling of ivory with the jazziness of the saxophone. This African influenced album’s strong vocals take centre stage with the focus on a deeper more meaningful story telling that most can relate to.

Such as in tracks
01. Still Perfect
03. Just to Touch
04. The Recipe
10. Can You Feel My Heart
11. Love at First Sight

I loved the fresh dusting of “meaningful Old Skool” Hip Hop combined with the deep-seated township roots that come from Soul, Jazz and R’nB.

Such as in in tracks

07. Niks Mapha
08. Move!

This 12 track album holds strong from the first track through to the last and while it combines varied influences and touches on various genres it has picked up on the vastness of their musical journey and is set to take the world by storm!!!

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