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How it has taken us this long to come across this gem, l don't know. But then, there are things that we know and that is, she is damn talented & we couldn't have done this at a better time. She is on the 1st track of @SunElMusician's derby album Africa to the world #ATTW, track entitled "With you". Ladies and Gentlemen, Desirée Dawson... 

DHLA: How did you hook up with Sun El musician?

Desirée: I actually reached out to him after falling in love with Akanamali. He checked out my music and was really in to my voice and writing! A friendship started and then we decided to make a sweet song together.

DHLA: Your track is featured 1st on his derby 'Africa to the world' album, are you aware? Have you sampled the album? (such a barrage of questions from us, lol) 

Desirée: I was caught off guard because he put that version of the song on his album without consulting me first when we had been working on another version. I found out through listening to it on Apple Music that he had done that without my approval.  Honestly, this left me feeling disrespected and put a bitter taste in my mouth about the song,  but it seems the world enjoys it, so that is great and makes me really happy.      

DHLA: The track is so powerful, different, a complete detour from what we are exposed to, was that the intention? For someone who hasn't listened to it, what is "With You" about? What was your thought process?

Desirée: The song is an honouring of those moments of calm in the storm when I just throw my head back and laugh and honoring the people in my life who I can truly be myself with.

DHLA: How long did the track take to make?

Desirée: Well on my end, I wrote the lyrics and melody in a few hours.  

DHLA: After the track is out, after mastering and all, do you still go back and go Gaga over it or is it a case of, "worked so much on it, can't stand it"?

Desirée: As I mentioned, this song was bittersweet for me.  I loved it, and loved listening to it a lot, but because of the way it was put out without my consent, it made me rather resentful of the track.  I am starting to listen to it more now and feeling like theres no point of wasting energy on the drama! So I am embracing it for all the beauty that it is! 

DHLA: For someone who hasn't heard your voice, how would you describe it?

Desirée: What a difficult question haha.  I would say it goes down easy! Its smooth, powerful and authentic. 

DHLA: We about to ask, though we already know the answer. Do you play any instruments?

Desirée: I play Baritone ukulele and Piano!

DHLA: Wasn't it such a gamble for you seeing that you already have an album out, with the single "hide" garneing a million Spotify streams (damn, well done!) compared to Sun-El Musician who could be classified as a "novice"?

Desirée: It didn't feel like a gamble! It felt so right. I loved Akanamali and my gut said it would be a beautiful music collaboration. Despite the difficult times with the song, we did make a nice song together! One of my fav parts of making music is collaborating with others!

DHLA: For some reason, one could assume the collabo was somehow influenced by "Wakanda", the phantom nation In the Black Panther movie (laughs). Is there any truth to this?

Desirée: I don't think so, we started working on this before the release of Black Panther. But perhaps.. Maybe ask Sanele T Sithole ahah.

DHLA: Your second album is scheduled for Fall 2018, tell us about it? How will it be different from your derby album?

Desirée: I am super excited for my next album. I will be putting some singles out before that, in the summer and I am very excited for them to go out into the world! The songs on my new project have a similar vibe of truth, authenticity and vulnerability. Thats all I can say for now ;)

DHLA: Are you ready for SA producers filling up your mailbox after this hit?

Desirée: Haha yes! I've had many people reach out and I am looking forward to making more music with SA producers!

DHLA: how is it, that amidst all the controversy and adversity, (pause)

you seem to be very willing to switch the negativity and adopt a "positive vibes only" transmission. Please share how you're able to do this, without necessarily bashing your head or taking the 1st flight to confront the 'perpetrator'?

Desirée: It's important for me to stand up for myself in these types of situations while also letting go at some point. Harboring anger, resentment and frustration only hurts the person harboring it (so in this case.. it would be me suffering haha).

DHLA: You're tour schedule is one to marvel. What's you advice to up and coming musos?

Desirée: My advice to anyone who is looking to step in to the music scene is to let go of the need to be "perfect" and to just start putting out music and moving from a genuine place.

My experience has been that the more authentic and true to myself that I am, the more people connect with what i'm doing and the more I connect with what i'm doing.

DHLA: It seems, given your experience, one becomes so weary of being the one that approaches a booking venue or musician for a collabo. Is this your stance lately?

Desirée: I only approach people when I really feel drawn to work with them. I have no issue's doing that. 
Whether they approach me or I approach someone else, you can never really know what someone will be like until you've gotten into the project.

DHLA: Promise that we'll be one of the first to preview your album. Pinky promise?

Desirée: I will definitely let you preview the new tracks!

DHLA: We have been cringing & craving to ask you this. We have the talented SioRhoiKing aka Sió in SA. 
For some reason we think your texture of voices are similar hence we would love to hear both of you on a track.

After your preview of her work, are we accurate or should we just stick to writing (laughs)

Desirée: Sió has a really lovely sound! It would be so cool to link with her in the future. 
Im looking forward to getting out to SA in the near future!

DHLA: Please give us your social media details

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me! :)


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