El World Music: Somethinz cooking now


So, we had the privilege of being hosted by El World Music over the weekend. Thought we'll give you a taste of whats up! First Up, Ladies first....

Simmy goes to Botswana...

DHLA: How are you feeling about the Botswana leg of the Africa to the world #ATTW album tour?

Simmy: I cant wait! The love in Botswana is always awesome so I'm really excited.

DHLA: Any fun facts about Botswana that you know from the top of your head?

Simmy: A fun fact from my side, the accommodation there is beautiful! I also know of their national dish called Seswaa. 

DHLA: Trick question, which one of the two artists don't sound like they are from Botswana between, Franco and Vee?

Simmy: Its definitely Franco, sounds like a French name lol

DHLA: Can you say Molapowabojang without twisting your tongue? How fluent is your Tswana/Sotho

Simmy: Lol I actually just tried it and I was close to perfect, I must say though my Tswana & Sotho is not that good but I can definitely hear both languages


Pathelo Nkosi aka Pat, Sun El Musician, Upcoming Music... 

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