5 secs with Simmy_SA aka Simphiwe Nhlangulela


If you don't know Simmy_SA by now then you could be living under a rock. We've featured her here and there  and still felt we should keep you in the loop
DHLA: Rumor has it that you are about to leave your 9 to 5, is it true? If so, was it easy to come to that decision?

Simmy: Lol this just has someone's name written over it! Well looking at how crazy things are at the moment it's a possibility.

DHLA: Phethelo aka Pat, Sun-El's manager also left his, some time back. Is it the trend at El World?

Simmy: Giggles. I wouldn't say its an El World trend but there is always an influence to whatever decision you make when it comes to such.
I don't think it's merely about leaving your job but its doing what you feel is the right job for you, something that you are passionate about because sometimes one forgets that music is also work.

DHLA: You must be a nervous wreck, now that your album is near completion. What are your thoughts.

Simmy: I am stressing! Everyday! I am close to being done and in my mind there's that question of will the people love the music and most importantly have I really put in enough work. It's my first album so I am excited but nervous at the same time.

DHLA: What should we look forward to in the near future?

Simmy: Definitely more music, strengthening my brand and more creative prospects that I plan to explore

DHLA: what's the feeling in the camp after Sun-El bagging 3 SAMA awards?

Simmy: Speaking for myself, someone still needs to pinch me lol. The team works really hard and for one of us to get 3 SAMAs, its amazing and an experience we are grateful for.
We are so proud and its truly inspiring for each and every one of us to keep the focus and just work harder.

DHLA: Your backing vocals game is a beast, any projects that we don’t know of

Simmy: Thank you! Well my second single titled 'Ngiyesaba' is coming out soon so yes be on the lookout for that.


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