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Born in Mooi River from a musical family with an uncle who played saxophone and trumpet in church to having a father who collected music and spending most of his early childhood days in a church choir, clearly shows that music had been running in Junior X veins since from birth. “So I started collecting music digitally and secretly so to compete with my father” says JuniorXaba.

DHLA chats to Junior X.

DHLA: Your bio boost of astonishing accolades, we are honored to have you on our platform Junior.. Briefly tells us who you are and what you do...

JuniorX: First off all, thanks for taking the time out to acknowledge me as an artist. Junior Xaba is a music producer and a deejay from a small town called Mooi River.

DHLA: From having said in your introduction, what prompt you into music – the deejaying and the production phases?

JuniorX: As I had stated in my bio, there was a lot of musical influence in my life while growing up which led me into the understanding of different genre’s of music, then during my high school years I met Majestic, we grew up in the same neighborhood.

Majestic was already a Dj at that time and luckily I had a huge collection of music so our relationship was mutual, I was then introduced to Sunel-Musician around mid 2000 who led me to music production daw and I haven't stopped producing since then.

DHLA: It must’ve been easy finding your feet within the industry – I mean, having been surrounded by people who one would say they “LIVED, BREATHE MUSIC”, it must’ve been a lot easier having to draw inspiration from those around you...

JuniorX: Having those people in my life actually made the journey a bit more difficult as I had direct critics who would challenge me and some still do.

DHLA: Each part of your journey has interesting phases, from when you met with Majestic to being introduced to Sunel-Musician.
Guess it helps in building relationships with people greater than you, and to allow yourself to learn from the influence or skills they possess without being intimidated by what they can do..

JuniorX: Yea! I have learnt that intimidation is not a positive factor in this industry only the brave survive.

DHLA: Mooi Island came before then?

JuniorX: Mooi Island came after all that.

DHLA: So what was the plan then? When you guys (You, Sam, Ronny and Vicky) came together?
Junior Xaba: The plan was to help young aspiring artists to understand the music business.

DHLA: You telling me the music you guys produced then, is the same sound that led to you guys touring around the world?

JuniorX: Yea! that’s the music that rooted us in many countries around the world.

DHLA: That must’ve been a great experience man, personally, what did you learn from being part of Future music young talent tour?

JuniorX: The biggest lesson I think I learnt was in music management because we had to think on our feet when it came to that aspect. As an artist/producer I learnt the importance of the different element arrangements that go into making music.

DHLA: How is the house scene in Hong Kong, China compared to what we having here in Africa? What is being played there?

JuniorX: The house scene in Asian countries is more appreciative than in Africa as with them at the time it was a new sound.
We presented musical element that where foreign to their ears. At the time we came across a sound they called electro tech which was a fusion of dub step, country electro and techno deep.

DHLA: Take us through having to have Afro Jack, Daft Punk, Dj Fresh & Euphonic and Deadmau5 as your mentors on Future music young talent tour. What did you learn from that exposure, and how, since then, have you managed to impact others with the knowledge you got from that tour?

JuniorX: Being around such legends didn’t just inspire me to become the best I can be but it helped me to grow into becoming an artist that can take one through the musical foundation, blended from different cultures.
With most artist I meet, I help sharing the knowledge of self-discipline because your music reflects who you are in a way that cannot be explained.

DHLA: The birth of Mooi Island, when, and how did you decide that now its time as the guys to bring together such a ground breaking initiative and help other artists such as us in building their music careers?

JuniorX: It was after the tour when we decided that we had gathered enough information to help upcoming artists as us who were willing to learn and grow through this music business/industry.
Sign artists then release them internationally? Form tours? And?

The ideology behind the formation of Mooi Island was and is not based on signing artist but rather mentoring them so that they can achieve all they can on their own.

DHLA: How does Mooi Island plan to develop upcoming artists?

JuniorX: By improving their knowledge regarding studio production and the business side of the music industry.

DHLA: Your solo tour to the Ukraine via Soul Collective Records, how long was it? From your observations while on that tour, how did it affect your perspectives and production style?

Junior Xaba: I spent four months learning and understanding the technical side of music, there I found Deep tech and started building/creating a sound,  I'm still yet to effectively explain.

DHLA: Seems like you travel a lot, what impact has travelling had on your music career and on you as an individual?

JuniorX: As a producer, I have learnt different production styles and the different elements of music.
Personally, having to learn about different cultures and the influence behind other production skills on an international level has helped me alot.

DHLA: You have worked with a whole lot of guys from Africa and beyond, what value did that add to you and who else would you still love to work with?

JuniorX: It has added an enormous amount of value to my discipline towards my music and lot to my Production and Deejaying skills. Locally, I would love to work with Thandiswa Mazwai, internationally, Jon Billion.

DHLA: What are you currently working on? You produce Hip-Hop as well right?

JuniorX: I’m currently working on a compilation of tracks with guys from around Africa namely; Oxford Snicks (Ghana), Emoh Rekerdz, & Lisbie. A sound that will be played beyond Africa. Yeah! I also produce Hip Hop which I will start releasing on my upcoming tour.

DHLA: What is your vision as an African producer/Deejay and how are you intending on accomplishing that?

JuniorX: My vision is to contribute a big part to the Africa to World movement. By building a foundation that stamps a mark that can carry the African flag as high as it deserves to be.

DHLA: In conclusion, do you think Deep Underground Deejays/Producers are getting enough support in terms of growing as artists and media features? and what do you suggest that we do as #DHLA to provide proper coverage for this scene?

JuniorX: In terms of support and media features, It all falls into how constant you are, socially. We live in a digital world so we all have a part to play when it comes to exposure, for as long as I have known #DHLA I can personally say the only thing that can help is to expand the genre specifications, a lot of artist think #DHLA only covers one genre.

My latest studio releases are:

Deep House

Punga Feat. Deltoniq
Listen to JUNIORX OF MI  -_- PUNGA Ft Deltoniq.mp3 by MOOI ISLAND RECORDS "NMR" #np on #SoundCloud

Nobody Feat. Paballo

Hip Hop

The Streets Feat Lou nmr Slayer n Terror Iv

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