Confidence Ratau aka Lee Da Cocktail DHLA innerview pres. by Bahle Moyo


DHLA: Let us begin by who is LEE DA COCKTAIL?  

DHLA:  LEE DA COCKTAIL is the name I use behind decks. Maybe you meant who is CONFIDENCE RATAU? 

LEE: A strong woman from Limpopo Ga-Sekhukhune, a daughter of Phohole and Mologadi, kgarabe ya go tšwa motsepula manonyaneng ba rego naga e fatwa ke dikgaka, badiye ba tla ka go bjala maakapetlana (praises). That's CONFIDENCE RATAU. 

DHLA: You are one of the most smiley DJs out there, is it the music that sets you alight?

 LEE: If music doesn't make you smile or happy, I don't know what can. In actual fact it is funny that most of my pictures behind decks have serious faces on…………. The bass line makes me smile.

DHLA: For those who don’t know, you play Deep / Techno house, why that particular genre? 

 LEE: That's the genre that makes me happy. It's very important to play the music you love and enjoy playing. 

DHLA: I am sure as a DJ one bumps into thousands of tracks, what is the importance of knowing your tracks?

 LEE: A good DJ has to know their genre, the first beat, how they end, their length, their speed and how to adjust it on decks. I want to highlight this, IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER HOW OLD THE TRACK IS! 

DHLA: Currently what is your favourite track?

 LEE: Saib - West Lake. It's a lounge tune. I was introduced to it by a friend (Nolu Myuzik). I LOVE IT.

DHLA:  Now take us through your very first gig, any emotions?

 LEE: Listen, my first gig was bad, okay!! It was around 2013 in my hometown Schoonoord (Sekhukhune, Limpopo). Durban July all the way, mind you I was live on stage. I had no emotions then because I was confused😂😂😂

DHLA: What has changed since you began your career up to date?

LEE: A lot has changed. I've overcame things I never thought I would. Faced challenges but never stopped. Lost good friends (may their souls rest in peace). Went through a lot if negativity and criticism which l changed that into growth. 

The thing about this industry is that you cannot sob or sulk forever on things you can change. So l got up, wiped my tears and sweats and kept going strong.

DHLA:  Now as you drop that first track, takes us through what is going through your mind?

 LEE: First track (intro track that is) is more like a foundation to your house, a root to a tree, you must always make sure it's firm, it must tell a story about what's next, it must attract your crowd.
 So to answer that question, too many emotions on an intro. Sometimes I even tell myself, "They going to love this sh*t" (chuckles).

DHLA: Have you ever blanked out during a set lol?

 LEE:  I never blank out, I go crazy!!!  

DHLA: Who would you say influences you on your DJ career? 

 LEE: No one in particular actually my life experiences influenced me to be a joker. However, I have few people who inspired me to not stop at all.

DHLA: What have been your biggest struggles in the industry? 

 LEE: Not having enough resources fam! That has been my struggle and is still is. But that’s not stopping me from growth and keeps on keeping.

DHLA:  We sometimes see other DJs request a back to back set with you, what is your take on playing back? 

 LEE: People must understand that back2back sets need to be shared with someone who has the same energy as you, plays the same music as you and is not in it to compete but compliment. 

Back2back sets are very spiritual. You cannot demand a back2back set if you've never seen a certain DJ play live. 

DHLA: They say South Africa is becoming the capital of deep house even the international guys are finding it hard to drop sets or should we say keep up with local underground scene (amalevels),what is your take on the industry currently?

 LEE: Shuuuu!! International DJs play what they are/been booked for. I've witnessed their "underground" sets. So I don't think is that difficult, depends on how well they believe in themselves when they come visit. 
Our industry is full of unnecessary politics which discourage the newbies to move forward. 

We care too much about "who's the best" or "who plays new music" whilst we should be enjoying good music. I feel like we don't appreciate good music and proper events. 

We mostly complaining and judging other DJs' mistakes instead of encouraging them to grow. We also buy face so we can get booked. I think we still have a long way to go. I love my country still😊

DHLA: What would you change within the industry currently?  

 LEE: I'd change recycled line-ups because I think there's too many good and underrated DJs out there. Their only problem is they relax too much. 

DHLA: In your opinion who is currently an underrated DJ? 

 LEE: KONDI and RAMZO are two of the underrated DJs. Have you heard them play?? Haha, i doubt. They are very good hence why I feature them on my events where I can.

DHLA: Let us talk about RememberSHE , give us a rundown of what that is?

LEE:  #RememberSHE is a movement close to my heart. I want people to remember me as a brave female DJ who has gave unnoticed djs a platform. Remember me with my kindness, boldness, with my hustle and struggle. Remember me with not being perfect. 

DHLA: Lastly something new and exciting has been launched “We Are Rhythm”, what is it about and who can be a part of this? 

 LEE: It's a booking agency discovered by myself and BMA. Yes it is registered and legit. Anyone who's willing to work hard is allowed. Our target is a maximum of 5 DJs. We have 3 so far.
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