VOID: What About House Music? DHLA review


IDOL is a music digital distributor --> https://idol.io/en/
Seeing that they distribute a lot of electric record label,  it was inevitable to launch the VOID brand, which is now 3 years strong.

Well they are back with a brand new compilation called What About House Music?

By Tamsyn Lyn Govan “Court Jester SA”

“Choose… Right from Wrong… Every DECISION, We Make! Every ACTION, We Take!!! EFFECT’S the LIVES of Others…

WOW!!!! I must say thank you for the chance to hear those wise words!!! Following up with some bouncy base. It was the happy place I wanted to stay! So being the girl I am… Moving past track 3 Watchman took a little bit of time….

The vibrant night life feel, this album possesses. Gives you a variety of “In the Mood” track’s from Sundowner Lounge to Club “Pick Me Up” electro-Licious…

The vastness shown in the “House Music” spectrum was pleasant.  I must say a solid beat throughout with new take on old school 80’s electric Jazz lounge showing right through the “Very Futuristic” EDM Night Club juiciness…

My six picks:

2. Ce bon vieux Jean Lassalle

3. Watchman

6. Christal

7. Restless

9. Night

11. In Your Way

This 13 track album Pack’s some Power! Don’t pass the opportunity to hear it up… 

You can check all the past compilation below:

YouTube channel here

It can be Deep from Chicago or sounds like French Touch, the House Music appears like a massive part of the electronic music. This time, the VOID mission make a fine selection of this music genre to make you discover all those subtleties with Clara Moto, Bambounou or Jerry Bouthier! 


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